ACC Programme 2023

Here are the activities for the year. All in-person internal events are held at St Michael's Centre, NP7 5UD. Meeting times are alternate Mondays, between 7:30pm and 9:30pm.

Given that Covid is receding (Dec 22), we are meeting in person at St Michael's unless explicitly stated otherwise. Having said this, we have discovered the power of Zoom in the reach it gives us to access high class presenters across the country and world. Leveraging this, half of our external presenters will deliver via Zoom. For these, we will still meet at St Michael's so we can chat and interact, before, during and after the presentation.


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09-Jan Show photos and stuff! PLUS Photograph of the Year Are you thinking about entering photos for competitions? Do you need some ideas about these? Bring your images along for constructive criticism from other members before you enter them. Or just show anything photographic (what you got for Christmas, for example, or an interesting bit of kit).

Tonight, we'll also deciding on the Photograph of the Year, 2022. This is a simple vote and won't take long.

23-Jan Magical Prints with Les Loosemore, ARPS, AWPF, DPAGB Les Loosemore is a very well known and admired photographer (and judge) in South Wales and has a deep canon of brilliant prints. Tonight, he brings us a selection of the best of his best, to inspire us and nudge each of us forward on our photographic journey.

Remember to submit your entries to Photoentry (including images of prints) for the monochrome competition on 13th Feb.

13-Feb Monochrome Competition judged by Gareth Martin, AWPF, CPAGB Our first competition of the year is open to any image - as long as it is monochrome. Tints such as sepia are allowed, but no 'colour'.
27-Feb A Thousand Mile Journey with Julie Morgan Tonight, our very own chairperson, Julie Morgan, will take us on her journey from 2021. Julie's always up there in our competitions,so this is going to be a real treat for us!
13-Mar Inspired by Art with EJ Lazenby In this talk by artist and photographer Elizabeth Lazenby, she will take us on a fascinating and in depth journey about how art has influenced her work. This will include a live edit to create a great master before our eyes!

Remember to submit your entries to Photoentry (including images of prints) for the open competition on 27th Mar.

27-Mar Open Competition judged by Trevor James, BA (Hons) Photography, ARPS, AWPF Here's the first open competition of the year, which means you can enter any image (well, within limits of course). Good luck and enjoy everyone's entries.
17-Apr Seeing, as Photographer, Engineer, Art Historian with David Straker David Collyer couldn't make this event as planned, but no worries, we're planning on him doing his session later in the year. Instead, our Programme Secretary put together a session with both YouTube videos of different perspectives on 'seeing', plus a practical demonstration on how you can work out RGB just by looking at a colour.
24-Apr Just People with Ken Jacob, ARPS and Affinity Photo 2 with Dave Straker After his fab talk in 2022, club member Ken returns with another great presentation, this time about portraiture. This will be followed by Dave demonstrating the capability of Affinity Photo, Version 2 (Dave has 13K subscribers to his InAffinity YouTube channel). Please send any images you'd like to see edited to him beforehand.
15-May Zoom at home (3 bank holidays this month!):Working in Photographic Projects and Collections with Sam Gregory Sam Gregory is a photographer & videographer based on the south coast of England in Dorset. His work has be used in a wide range of publications and organisations, including The National Trust. His focus is the landscape, both natural and man-made, exploring narrative and story-telling. This talk goes way beyond 'here's some photographs' as Sam shows us how to enhance our photographic practices and create our own 'voice' in story-telling, with the creation of both short and long-form projects and collections.

Remember to submit your entries to Photoentry (including images of prints) for the open competition on 22nd May.

22-May Panel Competition judged by Peter Young, LRPS, CPAGB, AFIAP Hon PAGB Our third competition of the year is for panels of three to five images. Maximum one digital panel and one print panel per entrant.
12-Jun What is it about landscapes? with Nick Jenkins, ARPS, AWPF Leaving the safety of corporate life in 2002, Nick is a great example of how to succeed in photography. His skill and energy have made him well-known, respected and liked across the Welsh photographic scene and beyond. Tonight, Nick delves into a subject close to most of us: Landscape Photography, and will doubtless leave us raring to get up into our wonderful countryside!
26-Jun The Photo Editing Challenge If you do photo editing, here's a challenge: take a photo (RAW or jpg) from another club member and do something creative with it. Everyone: Please submit a photo (or so) to Dave to be edited by our group of photo editors.
10-Jul Photo Walk Out and about together in this Summer's evening, a walk somewhere nearby, probably ending up at a delightful pub! Bring your camera kit.
23-Jul (Sunday) Member Day: Visit to TBA Bring your cameras to capture the wonder of wherever we go!
Jul-Aug Summer Break Get out there, have fun, and take lots of photographs!
11-Sep Summer Show and Tell Bring in your photos taken through the Summer (and earlier in the year).
25-Sep Passion for Wildlife with Kevin Pigney, ARPS, DPAGB, ASINWP Tonight we're going to see how to take great wildlife photographs not in safari parks, but right outside your window! Kevin is an internationally renowned and rewarded photographer who specialises in the wildlife of East Anglia. Living in his subject area has given him a deep knowledge of, and frequent access to, the animals he portrays.

Remember to submit your entries to Photoentry (including images of prints) for the open competition on 9th Oct.

09-Oct Open Competition judged by Alan Stokes Here's our next completely open competitions, so you can enter whatever images you like!
23-Oct Documentary Photography with David Collyer, FRPS David Collyer is both an Anaesthetist and a Documentary Photographer. His work has been published internationally, and has appeared in magazines and newspapers, as well as the book All in a Days Work, documenting hospital staff during Covid-19. His photo of a shattered theatre practitioner appeared on the front page of The Guardian and was one of the Amateur Photographer magazine photos of the year in 2020. He is currently working on a further two books, and is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, as well as being named Documentary Photographer of the Year 2021. Tonight we will see a critical selection of his photographs from across his work.
13-Nov Marvellous Macro with Phil Savoie, BS, MS, FSA Tonight we have another great show from our friend and David Attenborough photographer, Phil Savoie. This times it's getting close and personal, then getting closer still.

Remember to submit your entries to Photoentry (including images of prints) for the theme competition on 27th November.

27-Nov Theme Competition (Theme: Green) judged by Dave Russell, AFIAP Here's our annual theme competition, with a challenge to interpret the theme creatively, perhaps!
11-Dec AGM and fun competition We round off the year with the AGM and the usual informal and hilarious competition. Bring your fun images!.

As always, for all internal events we meet on Monday at St Michael's Centre in Penypound, NP7 5UD (behind the church).

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