ACC Who's who on the Committee

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Julie Morgan



Julie is a long-standing member, fine photographer and a regular contributor to the success of our club.

Programme Secretary and Webmaster :
David Straker




I grew up in Abergavenny where my father first printed the Abergavenny Chronicle and then taught at King Henry. I then moved away to pursue a career in computing and business while bringing up a family (one of each). Along the way, I became interested in photography and eventually joined Yateley Camera Club in 2007. When Eleri and I retired in 2012, we headed home and now live in Llanddewi Skirrid with our two golden retrievers. Naturally, I joined Abergavenny Camera Club, where I am now Chair and Webmaster.

I have no photographic speciality but just enjoy photographing whatever is in front of me and 'trying stuff'. I have Sony kit, with assorted lenses. And of course the ubiquitous smartphone. A thing about photography I love is that there's always something new to learn (as well as new technology to lust after (and use, of course).

Nigel Collins



Nigel is our esteemed secretary, keeping records and helping us stay on track.

Julie Morgan



Julie is our Chair and also serves as Competitions Secretary.

Peter Murcutt



Peter has been with the club a long time and is a keen contributor to club life, including our regular competitions.

Reg Roberts



Retired Engineer. Although interested in all aspects of photography my main interest is landscape.

Having had an underlying interest in photography since my teens. I bought my first second hand 35mm range finder camera with savings from my low apprentice pay. Having been loaned a Gnome enlarger I experimented with black and white printing. However with a career and the responsibilities of married life my interest continued as a family snaps man.

On retiring I renewed my interest in photography to compliment my hobby of hill walking. I joined the Abergavenny club with a view to improve.

Talks attended at the club, advice and constructive critique from fellow members as certainly enhanced my enjoyment of photography. Hill walking now complements my hobby of photography.

Dennis Eldridge



Dennis has been a leading club member for many years. He also regularly photographs local events and has contributed many photographs to the Abergavenny Chronicle.

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