ACC Competition and General Photography Tips

Here's some tips for entering competitions (or just taking photos). They are arranged in no particular order. If you've got more we can add, please contact the webmaster.


Page Notes
Taking Photographs Tips on taking and composing images.
Editing Photographs Here's notes and links to help you get better at photo editing.
What Judges Want Competition judges tend to look for the same sort of thing. Here's a summary.
Landscape Photography How to take better photos of landscapes.
Street Photography How to take photos of people without them noticing. And more.
Stage Photography Taking photographs of people on stage, such as at concerts and plays.
The Night Sky How to take photos of stars and star trails.
Portraiture How to take photos of people in all kinds of situations.
Pets How to take photos of pets.
Long Exposure Uses and methods for long exposure photographs.
Minimalism Uses and methods for minimalist photographs.
Notes from a Joe McNally talk Mostly about portraiture.

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