ACC Tips on Landscape Photography

Here's some tips for street photography, where you may well want to surreptitiously take photos of other people in their natural environment, acting naturally. They are arranged in no particular order. If you've got more we can add, please contact the webmaster


  • Basic kit to take includes wide-angle lens, tripod, remote release, filters, batteries.
  • Other kit includes telephoto lens.
  • If you're walking a lot, consider weight
  • Dress appropriately, windproofing, insulating and waterproofing as appropriate.
  • Scout beforehand for the best position. Go back many times to great positions.
  • Check the weather beforehand and adapt to it as you go.

General tips

  • The best time is around dawn and dusk, when the light is warm and shadows long.
  • Use the weather (check forecast). Wait for light, strong clouds and even rain.
  • Sho