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'Preserve your memories. They're all that's left you.'

-- Simon and Garfunkel

Why photography?


Do you enjoy photography? Most people do. It's a rewarding activity that lets you capture your lives, your friends, your family and the beauty that is all around you. Have you looked at professional photographs and thought 'I could never take pictures like that'? Many of us started out that way, yet when you join a club you'll soon be taking far better pictures than you ever thought you could.

One of the great things about learning about photography is that you can always do it. It is not like music, where you struggle for a long time before you feel able to show others what you can do. When you start learning the secrets of photographic technique, you images will get better very quickly. Another of the joys is that there is always more to learn, so even after many years, you will still be getting the pleasure of small improvements here and there while continuing to enjoy taking, editing and showing your images.

The Simon and Garfunkel above quote is very true. The older you get, the more precious the past becomes. Photography is a simple and effective way of preserving memories of your life and the lives of those around you. And the better the photographs you take, the happier you will feel as you look at them and fondly remember.

How to learn


There are many ways to learn more about photography. You can read books, watch videos, go on courses and, best of all, you can join a club.

Books are useful for learning the theory and show you good examples. Videos can help you with specific techniques, showing the detail of how to do it all. You can also pay for courses that are run anywhere from seminars with local professionals to the Open University. Much helpful information can also be found on the internet, from endless examples of great photographs. to YouTube tutorials. to details of local courses.

However books and videos give you no feedback, and courses can be limited and costly. Much is free on the internet, though the quality can be very variable. Clubs offer more. Much more.

Why join a club?


Photography clubs are an absolute bargain. When you join a local club you pay very little to join, because they are voluntary, non-profit organisations and all of your membership fee goes to paying for things that are just for you. In fact because everyone else is paying too, you share the cost as everyone benefits.

Clubs also offer that most useful thing: feedback. When you show your photographs, whether just to other members or in a competition, you get constructive suggestions on how to improve them. You also see lots of other photographs from other members being analysed. Yes, this can sometimes be a bit disappointing when you start out thinking the photograph is perfect, but it is amazing how much and how fast you will learn.

Clubs are social too. An important aspect is that you can ask other people about photography and they will be happy to answer, either with specific points or in general discussion. In a club, you are surrounded by people who enjoy the subject enough to regularly come along and join in.

The club is also very much what you want it to be. Some come just to sit quietly and watch. Others are really enthusiastic and may join the committee. And most are somewhere in the middle, joining in but also dividing their time with other parts of their lives. It's really up to you.

Why Abergavenny Camera Club?


If you live in the Abergavenny area, Abergavenny Camera Club is your nearest photographic club. We also have a deliberate policy of being friendly and informal, welcoming new members and always being ready to help each other as we can. We have all levels of photographers in the club, from recent starters to long-time enthusiasts. We also take care to run things well and are a member of the Welsh Photographic Federation.

We meet on alternate Monday evenings, between 7:30pm and 9:30pm, in St Michael's Centre, behind the church in Pen Y Pound. Here's how to find us. Club fees are less than actual costs per year (we subsidise from reserves) and go towards hall hire, speakers and so on.

To join, just turn up at 7:15pm on any evening in the programme and ask to be pointed at a committee member. We always welcome new members and would love to see you. You don't have to join immediately and can sample an evening or two to see if the club really is for you.

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Abergavenny Camera Club is a member of the Welsh Photographic Federation.

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