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About competing

Competitions are one of the mainstays of most photography clubs. They allow members to show their best photographs and get expert commentary and constructive feedback on them. Of course this can sometimes be a bit disappointing when you think the photograph is wonderful, and the half-objective, half-subjective nature of judging means that you might get different scores on different days from different judges. Yet overall some people seems to generally get higher points, although they also get low scores when judges do not 'get' their images.

The bottom line of entering competitions is that it is fun, exciting and ultimately an incredibly effective way of learning and improving your photography.

Pages here about club competitions include:

Something to remember about entering competitions is that they are run by the club Competitions Secretary as a spare-time activity. It is a lot of work, especially when members do not follow the rules. So please do know what is needed and when so competitions can be enjoyed by all, including the Competitions Secretary!

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