All about Abergavenny Camera Club

In Summary

Abergavenny Camera Club is made up of a group of photography enthusiasts who meet every other Monday in St Michael's Centre from 8pm to 10pm, where events from the programme happen throughout the year. Our ethos is to have fun and learn in a friendly, social environment.

The typical evening

On a typical evening, people start arriving some time after 7pm as we are setting up for the evening. We start at 7:30pm and end at 9:30pm with a break for tea or coffee at 8:30pm. In any evening we may have sessions such as:

  • A presentation from a professional photographer, showing their photographs and techniques.
  • A member evening, showing and talking about photographs.
  • A practical evening, taking photographs.
  • A competition, where our photographs are praised, criticize and given points by an expert judge.

During any evening there may be questions, discussions and challenges. We are there to enjoy photography and have fun. Sometimes it's a bit slow getting back to our seats after 'half time' because everyone is so engaged in conversation.

We also go out photographing together, sometimes just a local walk and sometimes on organized trips. Smaller groups may also get together to explore ideas and help one another.


What does it cost?

If you went on a photography course, then you would typically be paying £100 or more (easily much more) per day. When you join the club, you see hundreds of brilliant photographs as well as competition pictures being dissected with many suggestions for improvement. In other words, you get a master-class every week, and all for a very small sum. Here are details of current fees.

Why is it so cheap? Because everyone who works for the club is a volunteer and enthusiast. Advice and discussion is free too. If you've any questions or want opinions, we're a friendly group and you'll find help at every turn. Which is a far cry from the professional trainer who charges by the hour.


Club history

The Club was formed by a small group of like-minded enthusiastic photographers that wanted to promote the art of photography throughout Abergavenny. After much hard work by the founding members a ‘temporary’ committee was formed and the first meeting was held on the 1st of June 2004.

Since then, we have met a couple of Mondays per month during the year, with a break during late July and August. We also avoid holidays, including Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays.

We deliberately cater for all skills and interests and keep a relaxed and open style. While we run and join in with various other competitions, we focus first on learning and enjoying the pleasures of photography.

Abergavenny Camera Club is a member of the Welsh Photographic Federation.

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