Abergavenny Camera Club Fees

Club Fees

Abergavenny Camera Club is paid for by its members. Here's details of how much the club costs to run and hence how much we each pay.

What does it cost?

The cost of running the club is approximately as follows:

  • £35 per night for hall hire (£735 per year)
  • Around £50 per speaker (£350 per year)
  • Around £50 per judge (£250 per year)
  • £0.50 per cup of tea or coffee (which adds up to around £180 per year)
  • £7 per member for WPF membership (£175 per year)
  • Other costs (such as insurance) about £150 per year)

With a membership of 25 people, all this adds up to about £75 per person per year, which is about £3.50 per member per night.

What are the fees?

At the same time as covering costs, we want to make it affordable for everyone, so for 2017 and beyond we have changed to three optional ways to pay:

  • £55 up front in January, with nothing to pay each night, or
  • £35 in January and £20 in September, with nothing to pay each night, or
  • £35 in January and £2 per night.
  • £30 in January only for students 18 and under.

This is a bit less if you pay for the whole year in January and much less if you avoid the £2 per night, which is kept as an option for those who prefer the 2016 arrangements. This still does not cover our full costs, so we are covering the difference from reserves while hoping to make up the difference with more members. We also have a raffle each week for a bottle of wine (£1 per ticket).

If you went on a photography course, then you would typically be paying £100 or more (easily much more) per day. When you join the club, you see hundreds of brilliant photographs as well as competition pictures being dissected with many suggestions for improvement. In other words, you get a master-class every week, and all for a very small sum.

Why is it so cheap? Because we everyone in the club who works for the club is a volunteer. Advice and discussion is free too. If you've any questions or want opinions, we're a friendly group and you'll find help at every turn. Which is a far cry from the professional trainer who charges by the hour.

We may also try to get a celebrity speaker at the town hall as we have in the past. This is an expensive process and depends on ticket sales to make a surplus for the club.

Abergavenny Camera Club is a member of the Welsh Photographic Federation.

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