Abergavenny Camera Club Fees

Club Fees

Abergavenny Camera Club is paid for by its members. Here's details of how much the club costs to run and hence how much we each pay.

What does it cost?

The cost of running the club for 19 meetings at St Michael's is approximately as follows:

  • £45 per night for hall hire (x19 = £855 per year)
  • Around £65 per speaker (x7 = £455 per year)
  • Around £50 per judge (x5 = £250 per year)
  • £0.50 per cup of tea or coffee (which adds up to around £180 per year)
  • £7 per member for WPF membership (£175 per year)
  • Other costs (such as insurance) about £150 per year

With a membership of 25 people, all this adds up to about £83 per person per year, which is about £4.30 per member per night (with 20 members, this is £5.20 per night).

2022 onwards subscriptions are £65 per annum or £40 in January and £25 in September

You can also check out pre-2022 fee calcuation.

What are the fees for 2021?

Given the extraordinary situation caused by Covid-19, especially that use of the hall will be limited, the club fees for 2021 will be a flat £50, payable in January. Any variation on this will be by arrangement with the committee.

What are the fees for visitors?

Visitor fees are £3 per night.

If a person visits regularly, they may be asked to join as a full member.

Abergavenny Camera Club is a member of the Welsh Photographic Federation.

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