ACC Programme 2017

Here are the activities for the year. All internal events are held at St Michael's Centre, NP7 5UD, between 7:30pm and 9:30pm.


Internal event Practical session
External presenter Internal competition
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09-Jan You're the judge This is a repeat of the very successful evening of the last couple of years where we 'play the judge' for one another, putting on a judge's hat and trying to be objective. Bring up to a couple each of digital and prints.
23-Jan From V to A. How to build a photographic panel with Tony Byram EFIAP, ARPS, AWPF, DPAGB We've got a panel competition later in the year, so we've specially invited Tony to give his talk about the production of an AWPF and an ARPS Panel from Venice Carnival images. Panels are a whole new dimension that are used in qualifications and competitions so this will be a really useful talk.
06-Feb The Landscape Photography Business with Mark Lewis Mark runs a successful part-time business taking and selling photographs of Wales. This is perhaps a dream of many of us, but is harder than it might seem. Mark will be both showing his work and talking about how he goes about turning images into money. Bring your prints in for the 20-Feb open competition.
20-Feb Open Competition, judged by John Ridgewell The first open competition of the year. Prints should have been in on previous 06-Feb meeting.
06-Mar Member Evening: One-to-one Another repeat of a successful evening from last year. Bring prints and digital images (with your own computer to show them). We'll be set up for lots of one-to-one chats where you can get impressions and advice from a range of other members.
20-Mar Photos on display with Sarah Goodey Sarah Goodey is our contact in the NHS for showing photos at Nevill Hall. She's also a fine photography and artist who has a Hassleblad, no less! Come and see her beautiful images. Bring in your prints for the next 03-Apr open competition
03-Apr Open Panel Competition, judged by Leigh Woolford, DPAGB, EFIAP, AWPF The second open competition of the year, with 3 to 5 images in each of Print and Digital panels (please also include image for each class of all images in class in order of display). Prints should have been in on previous 21-Mar meeting.
24-Apr Photo debate Getting together to discuss and choose photographs that we will use later in the year for external competitions. Expect a lively debate!
08-May From My Doorstep and Beyond with Gareth Martin Gareth is a well known Welsh photographer who produces brilliant photos from scenes that many of us would pass by without seeing the potential. He also runs the very popular South Wales Monochrome group. Bring your prints for the 23-May theme competition.
22-May Theme Competition: Textures judged by Peter Young, CPAGB, AFIAP, APAGB Our third competition of the year is about discovering the textures in everything around you!
05-Jun Photo Editing A good look at some useful photo editing tools and methods, with helpful hints and techniques for people at all skill levels. With Dave Straker.
19-Jun The Night Sky with Ed Cloutman, EFAIP Night photography is a tricky business, Ed is an expert in photographing planets, stars and whole galaxies (he has even published a book on it) and will be wowing us with his amazing images of the universe above.
03-Jul Photo Walk Out and about together in this Summer's evening, a walk somewhere nearby, probably ending up at a delightful pub! Bring your camera kit.
17-Jul Member's night: You choose! This is a space at the start of the summer break where we can choose what we are going to do closer to the date.
Jul-Aug Summer Break Get out there, have fun, and take lots of photographs!
04-Sep What I did last Summer Bring as many pictures as you like, digital or print, and be ready to spend five minutes talking about them. Bring the images you want to show.
18-Sep Flight Photography with Steve Littlewood Have you ever tried photographing aeroplanes? It's tricker than it may seem. It's even harder photographing birds. Steve will show us how he does both! Bring prints for the 02-Oct competition.
02-Oct Open Competition judged by Lyn James (of Cardiff CC). The fourth competition of the year is this time open, so do pick your best digital and printed images.
16-Oct Member evening: Trying stuff Have you ever thought 'Let's try something'. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but it's always good to try. Bring up to three each of your DPIs and Prints that show your experiments and tell us the story of each.
30-Oct Macro and Close-Up with Rob Ashcroft Getting really close up is surprisingly difficult, but can produce amazing pictures. Rob is coming tonight shows us how to do this brilliantly. Bring your prints for the theme competition on 13-Nov.
04-Nov (Sat) Inter-club competition Gwynfa Pixels. At Talbot Green Community Centre, Llantrisant. 2:30pm.
13-Nov Theme competition: Seasons judged by Vince Penticost Our second theme competition of the year is about 'Seasons'. We'll have had a few of these, so you've no excuse but to enter your favourites.
27-Nov Member evening: Show and tell. Bring something to show and talk about. It can be photos, gear or whatever. You can even bring ideas to talk about. Whatever, please do join in and make another great evening together.
11-Dec AGM and fun competition We round off the year with the AGM and the usual informal and hilarious competition. Bring your fun images!.

As always, for all internal events we meet on Monday at St Michael's Centre in Penypound, NP7 5UD (behind the church).

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