ACC Programme 2020

Here are the activities for the year. All internal events are held at St Michael's Centre, NP7 5UD, between 7:30pm and 9:30pm.


Internal event Practical session
External presenter Internal competition
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06-Jan Show your photos! Are you thinking about entering photos for competitions? Do you need some ideas about these? Bring your images along for constructive criticism from other members before you enter them.Bring a couple or so, each of digital and prints.
20-Jan Hotel Heliconia! with Phil Savoie Phil Savoie is an Attenborough photographer and one of our most popular speakers. Tonight, he looks at the video domain, showing an amazing 50 minute film, followed by deconstruction of sequences and chat about the 'how did they shoot that!'
03-Feb Open Competition judged by Keith Sharples, CPAGB, BPE3* Here's our first open competition of the year. Good luck and enjoy everyone's entries.
17-Feb Winter Plus with Les Loosemore Les was one of the most positive, helpful judges last year. Now we will see why he knows what he is doing with some fab images of Winter and beyond.
02-Mar Member Evening: Image of the Year, 2019 Last year our members entered many great photographs into our competitions that all deserve to be seen and discussed again. Tonight, we get to decide which ones we like and the Digital and Print images of the year will be chosen.
16-Mar The Art of Travel Photography with Mathew Browne Mathew is a professional landscape photographer who has been to over 50 countries. In this session he will cover everything about travel photography, from the equipment you need to finding the best locations to producing amazing final images. Bring in your prints for the next 30-Mar open competition.
30-Mar Open Monochrome Competition judged by Nick Jenkins Our third competition of the year is open to any image - as long as it is monochrome. Tints such as sepia are allowed, but no 'colour'.
16-Apr External Competition We've got an external competition on this date, against Western Valley CC in Cross Keys.
20-Apr Member Evening: Uncompetition This is an internal-only club competition where you can enter up to two digital and two print images (like normal competitions) but the goal is to be unconventional, breaking rules and showing images that might not do so well in traditional competitions, but which you just like. Be experimental! Try stuff! Stimulate! Entertain! Just don't be conventional. Bring in your prints for the next 11-May open panel competition
11-May Open Panel Competition, judged by Peter Young, LRPS, CPAGB, AFIAP, APAGB The second open competition of the year, with 3 to 5 images in each of Print and Digital panels (please also include image for each class showing all photos in class, in order of display). Prints should have been in on previous 19-Mar meeting.
16-May (Sat) External competition: Only Mono Come along to the Only Mono External Competition at 2pm on Sat 16th May at St Paul's Centre, Gerald Street, Port Talbot SA12 6DQ. There are 44 clubs entering so it will be quite an event!
01-Jun Member evening: RAW War! This is an evening based on a regular column in Digital Camera magazine. Give a raw image to somebody else. See how they edit it. So this needs images straight out of the camera and
15-Jun Weird and Wonderful-ish with Phil Cooling, FRPS Phil is a fine art photographer who takes and makes amazing photographs that are as much art as photo. Come along and be blown away!
20-Jun and
21-Jun (Sat-Sun)
Abergavenny Arts Festival We're collaborating with other artists again in this festival. We'll be holding a free walk-in exhibition (prints and projected images) with free portrait session. This wil (probably) be held in the Methodist Hall, Castle Street.
29-Jun Photo Walk Out and about together in this Summer's evening, a walk somewhere nearby, probably ending up at a delightful pub! Bring your camera kit.
13-Jul Member's Evening We'll be doing something fun, interesting and relaxing tonight, before the Summer break. What will that be? Come along and find out!
Jul-Aug Summer Break Get out there, have fun, and take lots of photographs!
07-Sep What I did last Summer Bring as many pictures as you like, digital or print, and be ready to spend five minutes talking about them. Bring the images you want to show.
21-Sep In the Brecon Beacons with Chris Barber, MBE, FRGS Famed local author and photographer, Chris has roamed the local hills for many years with his camera. In this talk we will be taken on a journey into the mysterious Black Mountains, the high summits of the Brecon Beacons, the beautiful Waterfall Country (which he named), the lonely moorland of Fforest Fawr and the remote Carmarthen Fans.
05-Oct Open competition judged by TBA Here's our second completely open competitions, so you can bring whatever images you like!
19-Oct Member evening TBA.
02-Nov Astrophotography with Alyn Wallace, TBA. Bring your prints for the theme competition on 11-Nov.
16-Nov Theme Competition: TBA judged by TBA The fourth competition of the year is this time on the theme of TBA, so do pick your best digital and printed images for this.
30-Nov Member evening: Pixels pictures Last year we had a really interesting evening looking at, discussing, being amazed and criticising the images from the Gwynfa Pixels competition. We'll do this again tonight. Who knows, we may even find inspiration :)
14-Dec AGM and fun competition We round off the year with the AGM and the usual informal and hilarious competition. Bring your fun images!.

As always, for all internal events we meet on Monday at St Michael's Centre in Penypound, NP7 5UD (behind the church).

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