ACC AGM 2016 Notes

Here are notes from the 2016 AGM.

Chairs's report

It's been a good year and I think we've all enjoyed it. Many thanks to everyone for turning up and joining in. Thanks especially to the committee for their help.

Programme Secretary's report

Another good year that everyone seemed to enjoy.

There was, again, higher attendance at presentations and competitions than member evenings. Please try to make it to these evenings..

In case you're interested in looking up any speakers, there's a page linking to their websites on our site.

The 2017 programme is complete. All speakers and most judges are booked. Member evenings are drafted, although because they are for and by you, we can change these if you wish.

Come the new year, I'll be looking forward to booking the 2017 programme. If you've any ideas, desires or whatever, please do let me know.

Webmaster's report

The website worked just fine and is now established. If you ever want to add something or see things others would like, just tell Dave.

The site also needs help from you. First, please do make good use of the site.Please let me know of any other good pages to add, including if you have your own photos on a website somewhere.

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