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Summer Message From the Chair  @ 17-Jul-14


Hi everyone

Well here we are more than half way through 2014 already and we've one last evening, which is Monday 14th, before we break for the Summer. I have arranged an evening at St Mary's in Usk for Monday and I'll be there for about 7.30 so pitch up if you want at any time. When we've finished, we'll be off to partake of some fine ales in one of the many hostelries in Usk.

As promised I've put together a list of events etc going on throughout July, August and September and Richard has put this on the site for us. Lots going on, shows, festivals etc. I haven't put the web links in as this would have taken me ages. But you can search just by putting in the name of the event. I'm quite keen on the Bristol Balloon Festival myself, so if I go I'll let everyone know – who knows maybe if there's enough of us, we could go together in a convoy! There is a park and ride available for this event (as with many of the others).

Now don't forget, our first evening back, 1st September is where you bring in your Summer Panels – up to four prints or digital images to let us know what you've been doing over the Summer.

If you can't make Monday, then I'll see you in September, if not before.

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