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On Photoshop

Here's some useful links around the subject of Photoshop. See also Photography Software If you've got more we can add, please contact the webmaster.

Beginners' and intermediate tutorials

Website Notes
Photoshop Essentials Loads of tutorials on Photoshop here.
Photoshop.com Loads of details, tutorials and so on about Photoshop.
Adobe's Photoshop Family Adobe, the author of photoshop's front page on the range of Photoshop products.
Serge Ramelli Lots of free tutorials. Serge uses Lightroom and Photoshop.
How To Cut Anything Out in Photoshop Quick overview of all the ways you can do selections in Photoshop.
Photoshop/Lightroom Cheatsheets Handy infographic on keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop and Lightroom.
Lightroom Tutorials Bunch of video tutorials in Julieanne's blog at the Adobe site.

Specific techniques

Website Notes
Making Complex Selections in Photoshop Useful for learning detail such as 'refine edge'.
Beginners' Adobe Photoshop 13 hours of tutorials, just a bit at a time, all free. Great for beginners and intermediates. Based on CS5.
Blend modes: The ten best blends A really good tutorial on blending, particularly for photographers.
Photoshop Blend Modes Explained Full technical detail about blending. Even the maths.
SLR Lounge on Blend Modes A comprehensive article on all the blend modes.
Texture Palace Loads of free textures you can use with blending.
Digital Camera World free textures 100 free textures, from peeling paint to wet rocks.
Luminosity masks Easy tutorial on using this enhancement method.
Mask tutorials Tony Kuyper's tutorials on masking, including luminosity, saturation, mid-tones and HDR.
SharingItForward A nice and simple page on basic blending modes.
Clouds and snow How to make clouds and snow out of thin air, just using Photoshop!
Photo Effects Tutorials Lots of specific tutorials for special effects in Photoshop, including Rotoscope.
HDR Tutorial Excellent tutorial on doing HDR photography (using Photomatix). See other Photomatix tutorials here.
Frequency Separation An interesting method using layers to separately edit colour and texture (or wide and narrow detail). See also a helpful YouTube tutorial.
Blend If tutorial A page that describes carefully how 'Blend If' (in Layer Styles) works.
Ten editing techniques Detailed workflow using advanced methods.
Creating super-resolution impages How to take and stack multiple images for extreme sharpness and noise removal. Youtube version here
Avoiding image halos A good page from Duncan Fawkes on avoiding halos.
Silver Efex Pro for Color Images Neat tutorial on how to use Nik Silver Efex to enhance colour images (a variant of Luminosity masking). Also see Using Silver Efex Pro for some colour prints.

Advanced tutorials

Website Notes
50 best Photoshop Tutorials A collection of advanced tutorials, covering subjects such as collage, painting methods and typography. Amazing stuff.
50 Best Photoshop Tutorials Another collection of brilliant tutorials that guide you through each step of the way.
56 Best Adobe Photoshop Video Tutorials A further great collection of advanced tutorials.
Photoshop Lady Pointers to hundreds of photoshop tutorials of all sorts.
Stefan Kohler Smart tutorials on Photoshop.
MBd's list A list of awesome tutorials posted in the Affinity forum.

Useful individual YouTube tutorials

Website Notes
Sharpening methods Kelvin Designs with lots of clever ways of sharpening (25:38).
6 ways to sharpen without plugins A whole list of ways to sharpen, including several different high-pass variants (30:01).
Blend Modes Explained Detailed technical explanation about blend modes (25:46)
5 Blend Modes in Photos Jimmy MacIntyre showing practical use of blend modes (7:18).
Fix an Underexposed Photo Blake Rudis on how to use Adobe Camera Raw to recover dark photos. Great too for general ACR editing (20:17).
Luminosity masks Jimmy McIntyre on how luminosity masks work (8:02).
Creating Luminosity Masks Jimmy McIntyre on how to create a full set of luminosity masks (8:17).
Frequency Separation Phlearn's video on how to do 'frequency separation', which is handy for such as portrait retouching (14:08).
Dodge and Burn secrets Phlearn showing advanced dodge and burn on layers, with portrait retouching (17:39).
5 ways to use 'Blend If' f64 Academy on the 'Blend If' method for selective noise reduction, sharpening, saturation boosting, vignettes and texturing (18:58).
Super-resolution Stacking multiple images to quadruple the resolution of your camera and eliminate noise (23:22).
Color, Brighten and Sharpen Eyes Phlearn shows clever method of giving eyes alarmingly more power.
Tone Curves Trick Neat way of using a temporary tone panel in the photo to make fullest use of Curves.

Good YouTube channels

Website Notes
Jimmy McIntyre The great Jimmy's landscape and cityscape excellent tutorial set. He also shows his great RayaPro panel and free EP actions.
PHLearn Lots of consistently good Photoshop guides.
Kelvin Designs A useful set of 'how to' tutorials.
Photoshop Training Channel Does what it says on the tin. Lots of Photoshop how-to videos.
Sean Bagshaw's Channel Lots of great Photoshop tutorials, particularly in landscape photos.
Greg Benz's Channel Lots of general photography and Photoshop/Lightroom tutorials. Also showcasing Greg's Lumienza panel.
Denny's Tips Clever Photoshop/Lightroom techniques, with some free downloads.
Fstoppers All kinds of videos including photography, reviews and Photoshop.
Yuri Fine Art Loads of amazing tutorials just with Lightroom.

Other useful stuff

Website Notes
Eye colour charts A useful page for changing colours of eyes. Even complete eyes to just clone in!

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