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Cameras and photography kit

Here's some useful links around the subject of cameras and other photography kit. If you've got more we can add, please contact the webmaster.

Camera kit

Website Notes
Digital Photography Review Loads of brilliant in-depth reviews about cameras and other kit.
What Digital Camera UK magazine site that includes camera reviews.
Photography Blog Reviews of cameras and other kit.

Where to buy kit

Website Notes
Jessops Jessops are one of few (the only?) camera chains left in the UK. Our local branch is in Cardiff.
Camera Centre Camera shop in Morgan Arcade, Cardiff.
CameraLand Decent camera shop in Royal Arcade, Cardiff.
London Camera Exchange Good for new and second-hand kit. Nearest Branches are in Hereford and Bath.
Wex Photographic A big UK online camera kit specialist.

You can also get lots of cheap kit on Amazon and Ebay and second-hand stuff on Gumtree.

Related stuff

Website Notes
Paper Spectrum One of the best places to get mount card. They also do decent print paper. Based in Leicester.
Lion A cornucopia of everything you need for mounting and framing photographs, at reasonable prices. Based in Birmingham.
Magic Lantern For Canon SLRs only. Extends the Canon firmware to do all sorts of additional tricks, such as intervalometer, motion detection, advanced bracketing, advanced focus, etc. Also enhances video modes.
Reikan Focal Autofocus fine calibration and other stuff for higher-end cameras.
Tufuse Free software to blend multiple images (dynamic range and focus stack). See also TuFusion GUI (basic Tufuse is command line).
Enfuse Free software to blend multiple images (dynamic range and focus stack). See also Enfuse GUI for a GUI (basic Enfuse is command line).
Raw Image Analyzer For the super-serious, perchance, seeking to squeeze every last detail from your shots.
Artist's Viewfinder Handy IOS tool for framing shots.
Camera Tutorials Excellent set of tutorials for different cameras, each about an hour long. Really handy if you've just bought a new camera (or are just wondering what those other buttons are for).

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