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Book review: How to Take Great Photographs  @ 06-Apr-16


It's always nice when you get something free, and especially when it's an interesting book. So when I got the chance to review this splendid 160-page book, I say 'Yes please!'.

The book is not really one for beginners, though if you're relatively new to photography you would undoubtedly enjoy the book. A reason for this is the clear an consistent layout and style, with a photograph on the left page and notes from the photographer about why and how the picture was taken on the right page. This makes the book very easy to flick through and dip into, as well as walking carefully through it.

All images are printed in colour, and information about each includes camera and settings, processing, general notes about the photograph and direct advice to the reader on taking such photographs. This makes it far more helpful than many other photo books and serious photographers will really appreciate the detail. The only thing that is perhaps missing is more about post-processing, for example actions taken with Photoshop.

The Amazon link to buy the book is here. However, photo club member can get a 20% discount off the £9.95 cover price if you quote PAGB20PC when buying it through

--- Dave Straker

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