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Studio Shooting at the Club  @ 19-=Oct-15


We get up to all kinds of activities at Abergavenny Camera Club, including being able to use a full studio setup. In October 2015, Keith Sharples came along with a car full of kit to help us all get better at it all, including the use of remote-controlled flashlights.

Models Vicky and JJ posed cheerfully for us all evening, including a change of clothing and adjusting posture for every request. It really makes a difference using a professional who can strike any pose and knows how to quickly change position and expression. I don't know if Vicky is an actor, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Many thanks to Keith for coming and teaching us so much. One of the neat tricks I learned from him was to set a flash on the white background a couple of stops more than for the model, so it deliberately burns out as pure white.



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