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Iolo Williams  @ 27-Mar-14


What a splendid evening it turned out to be on the 27th March. A busy start for me which started at about 5.30 when I left home with the ACC projector and computer and headed off to the Theatre with hubby in tow. A contingent of stagehands were ready and met me at the Theatre and very kindly took all the gear and set it up ready for the evening. They were very much impressed with our state of the art projector and wanted to know all about it.

Next I headed off to the Mayors Chambers were I met The Mayor, Sheila Woodhouse, her Consort (and husband) Chris Woodhouse, the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress Chris and Alison Hickman and loads of others but I can't remember their names! All very civilised with a glass of wine (or two) to calm the nerves and a small buffet as well (good job really because I hadn't had time to eat before leaving home). Dennis was on hand ready to take the 'group photos' for the evening once Iolo arrived. At about 10 past 7 Iolo joined us and was introduced to everyone. He's a very easy going and laid back, and wanted to talk to everyone. We were later joined by none other than Gerald Davies, ex Welsh Rugby player and his family.

Onto the business of the evening and we all went to get ready for the main event. I had prepared an introduction and stood nervously in the wings with Iolo trying to calm me. Waited for the signal and on I went, knees a knocking.

Well what a fantastic evening it turned out to be. Iolo was inspiration, entertaining, informative and extremely funny. It wasn't very long before the audience were laughing out loud (and I breathed a huge sigh of relief – phew). He told us of his early beginnings and how his enthusiastic interest in wildlife began many years ago. He very nearly joined the army before taking a change in direction which took him into university from where he graduated with a degree in Ecology. He worked for a long time with the RSPB and is still a member today before turning his hand to TV presenting. He had many interesting and sometimes poignant stories, and he could be a Stand Up Comedian in his spare time if he wanted to! His presentation was followed by a very enthusiastic Question and Answer Session – in the end Iolo had to say 'One more question' so that he could go home!

The Theatre was nearly full with very few seats left vacant so all in all a very successful evening for everyone especially the Club. If you weren't at the event folks you missed a good night!

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